Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 2017

  • September 4, 2017 /

If you have flat feet then you fall in the 25% of the world’s population with flat feet. Consider it an honor. An honor being a minority, technically, in the feet department. However, minority also means being extra selective when it comes to shopping for basketball shoes.

So what is it like to have Flat Feet?

If you are one of the lucky ones to have “flat feet” do not be discouraged at all. It is not something where you should even think twice on. Remove the unnecessary stress from your mind. You basically do not have an arch on your feet. What is the big deal? Yes, it can be frustrating at times with certain disadvantages, but hey, you were born with it right? So, at this point you are pretty much used to it just like someone who was born without hair, or someone who was born with an extra finger. Get used to it if you haven’t already!

Top 10 Best Flat Feet Basketball Shoes 2017

Since you are here as a basketball player or a guardian who’s dependent is involved with basketball, it is always beneficial to get the most appropriate basketball shoes in the market. If you are dealing with flat feet then obviously we would suggest you the best shoes and its qualities which can benefit you the most. Be specific to your issue or gift, in this case, “Flat Feet,” and the good news is, we have the perfect recommendations for you.

What are the criteria(s) a good pair of sneakers should have for Flat Feet players?

Just like most shoes really. We need to understand the fact that you do get sore and foot aches in a quicker and more frequent rate than compared to players with normal feet. Yes, this is a disadvantage that flat feet players have. But again, this is the disadvantage they have been born with, so it is a disadvantage only when you compare it with others. Regardless, why not go for comfort and durability either way? That will not hurt at all. So, we do recommend good ankle support as our first criteria. Shoes that contain a well-balanced feel and yet maintains the protection of the ankles can be respected a lot.

Make sure your flat feet is on a soft, robust, and flat sole that yields the appropriate profile of the foot and absorbs any kind of bearing that may happen while jumping up and down on a basketball court. These will keep the bottom of your feet relaxed enough to endure a full basketball game without being in any sort of agonizing pain. A sole that is of good quality contributes a lot for the player. One of the reasons are it keeps the player from being sluggish. This does not mean the player or athlete’s vertical ability will increase or his or her running speed is off the charts. No! Not at all. It only means these quality attributes that are provided by the shoes will only bring the best out of the player.

Positive outcome for Flat Feet Athletes

The companies that are making these specific basketball shoes are obviously targeting all sorts and aspects of the population. This includes people with “Flat Feet.” There is no reason to be discouraged on the market. The market is being made for you. It is there for you and always will be as long as you are also in demand of quality shoes that keeps you comfortable and safe from injuries.

If manufacturers find defects in their product, they solve them almost instantly. The manufacturer designs the shoe conferring to the edifice of flat feet people.

For further revision, we will advocate the 4 points that are crucial in selecting the right basketball shoes for your Flat Feet:

1) What to expect from the Good Basketball Shoes?

To be quite honest, whether you have low arches in your feet or absolutely no arches, as in flat feet, it is essential you do use some good basketball sneakers. The shoes are built to support your type of feet. It will give you the stability, comfortability, and flexibility that you need

This will reduce the chances of muscle strain, bone injury, or even ligament damage and it allows your feet to adjust, adapt, and habituate itself to different environments and movements you make. You would want to run, jump, and land in the safest manners, but more importantly, without the worry and fear of hurting yourself.

2) Tips from a Pro Basketball Player

“The high-quality shoes give flat feet players extra support. They can endure more pounding and force that has been constantly landing on their feet. The first you do is check the inside of the shoes. Do they fit well? Are they wide enough? When you place your foot in the shoe and start walking as trial, do balance well? Do they keep your feet in a high-arch posture? These are the things you should be focusing on when you got the shoes physically. Try them on, if not, return them. We got guarantees in America right?” – Sendoh (Vancouver, Washington)

3) Recommended Shoes

The wide feet basketball shoes are quite similar to the needs for Flat Feet wearers. There is a difference though. For the Flat Feet shoes that we receive from manufacturers, they consist of two types. One is for speed, with less comfort and endurance. It will give you the best results, or maximum results, but it is for the short time. The other one is comfort. The comfort versions are also the heavier ones. So, you have to pick either speed or safety. We recommend both! It will just depend on your size and choice.

4) Dodge The Running Shoes

When you are shopping for basketball shoes, do not, and we mean DO NOT even think about running shoes. Do not purchase running shoes. Especially if you have flat feet, do not wear running shoes. They contribute in the extra damage that your feet does not want. It is easier to roll your ankles and makes it difficult to pivot properly. Running shoes are not made for basketball, neither are they made for running. The title category of shoes these days can be very deceiving. So be aware!

Extra Tips : 

Fix Flat Feet Problems

DunkFeed’s Conclusion

You know your game is effected by your decision. Your decisions on selecting the right shoes are key to your basketball success. Modern Basketball shoes like the Under Armour Curry 3s are specifically made to support the surface, which happens to help players with flat feet. The outer sole which the sneakers foundation is laying upon is provided with the right arch and support.

There are other shoes that we have listed for you above. Take a look around, educated yourself, and then select the one which you think is best for you. We are only here to help and we wish you a successful time on the court or a prolonged basketball career!