Best Basketball Shoes For Guards 2017

  • September 16, 2017 /

Guards move a lot across the court. They go through screens, big men, other guards, and also always have the headache of controlling the offense and especially the tempo of the game. We realize that the guards are the ones that require shoes that will give them balance, comfort, and flexibility in the ankles, not to mention protection, which is equally important. Get to know what being a guard means and what kind of shoes they require. Keep reading!

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards 2017

Since you are here as a basketball player or a guardian who’s dependent is involved with basketball, it is always beneficial to get the most appropriate basketball shoes in the market. If you are dealing with flat feet then obviously we would suggest you the best shoes and its qualities which can benefit you the most. Be specific to your issue or gift, in this case, “Flat Feet,” and the good news is, we have the perfect recommendations for you.

Who are “Guards” referred to in Basketball?

Point guards and shooting guards play the guard positions in basketball. They handle the backcourt in offense and defense. That is their primary role, to represent the backcourt. Point guards are usually the ones that dictate the offense. They bring the basketball up the court and they are usually the “little” men on their team. Point guards are usually more ball dominant and have the best ball handling skills. Shooting guards are also guards who dominate the ball quite often, or as they would share the ball with the point guards, they are the snipers of the team. There is a reason why Shooting guards are called “Shooting Guards.” The word shooting is attached because their primary job is to shoot the ball, and shoot it well, and especially better than others. So, the guards are always on the go. One is looking to be open for a clean shot while the other is distributing. Movement is key here, for both guards, and therefore, great basketball shoes are required for both. They deserve shoes which are designed with special care. In today’s game it is a guard dominant and dictated league. If you have good guards on the backcourt, your team may be promising. So, the care should be very attentive and towards the guards. And companies are keeping that in detail and are cautious. You as athletes do not have to worry as long as you purchase the best basketball shoes that suits you.

What type of shoes do Guards require?

Whether you are a point guard or shooting guard, you need a pair which is well designed, because you carry a lot of responsibility. You pair of basketball shoes need to give you enough support so that you can maintain your tasks.

As a guard, you would be performing your regular duties such as passing the ball a lot, dribbling, making quick slashing cuts, and of course a lot of running. Naturally you would need a pair which is good for changing direction. A well balanced platform is essential.

Guards usually have the best eye contact. They are constantly on the look.

They have to keep an eye out at all costs. Constantly paying attention at screens, big men posting up, screens, and the basketball itself. It is a hard job actually, being a guard, and especially a point guard because they orchestrate the whole offense and dictate the tempo of the game. If your point guard is terrible, you do not have much hope going forward as a team. Keep that in mind!

As we have discussed above, there are some key points to take into notice. Guards do have responsibilities and they should have the luxury to select great pairs of basketball shoes to help them in their tasks. A lot of movement and a lot of stress would require certain performance technology from the shoes itself.

Appropriate Technology: The perfect fitting is essential here. We would not recommend a “GUARD” to just put on a pair of basketball shoes while it has already been pre-tied. That means the shoes are really loose and it is for casual use or play, not extreme. We recommend you to take your time in lacing up your pair of sneakers. Shoes that require time for lacing is a good sign. Those are the pairs you should be looking for.

Air flow & Comfort: Comfort is probably the most sought for category in the market of basketball shoes. If you sneakers are not comfortable, then 50% of its value has probably sunk. However, since there is a lot of cutting and running in the guard position, comfort is really a necessity. You wouldn’t want to torture yourself on the basketball court. So, keep in mind, comfort is a necessity and be sure to look for it in the shoes.

Air flow is equally important because you wouldn’t want sweaty feet and stinky basketball shoes. If there is room or technology for air passing, it is a huge bonus. Go for it!

Cushion And Safety: Cushioning is part of the comfort category. Good cushioning gives you great bounce and recovery. This helps in keeping your feet stress free, as much as possible.

If there is no safety, you should not be buying the pair. Keep your distance. Safety is a must. Be sure to see if they got good safety. Ankle protection is vital. You wouldn’t want any injury and or frequent injuries. To avoid these cushioning with safety is the category you cannot afford to avoid. Good cushioning absorbs the impacts from jumping and running. And the safety keeps you secured from any further injury or potential damage. They work head to head together.

Reasonable Pricing: When you see all of the above on your checklist, it should definitely excite you. However, if you cannot bank the product you cannot write the check. This is the other 50% that covers your decision whether to purchase a sneaker or look for another. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for. The price has to be worth it. Yes, there are some expensive basketball shoes, but do they cover all the categories that we have mentioned above? Or are you just interested in them because of their “super cool design and features?”

Do not fall victim to the design. Make sure the cushioning is there. Security and safety is present. Comfort and air flow is great. Good technology is used. After all of these make your checklist, calculate it yourself on whether the price is worth it or just too high. This may sound like the hardest decision, but it may also be the easiest.

DunkFeed’s Conclusion

Selecting basketball shoes for guards is not that easy actually. You have to be very selective and picky in order to get the best pair. Yes, there are about 10 shoes that we believe are great shoes for guards. However, you actually need to read and take a look at each pair of basketball shoes that we listed. There would only be one or a few that would suit you best. This period may take a while, since you are and should be really cautious in your selection.

The reviews we provide you with are our expertise. We present you the features of certain shoes and this usually helps visitors selecting the best pair for their kids, family, and or for themselves.