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All ballers should have the same goal. That is to maximize their talent as basketball players. Maximize their abilities. So, how can a set of basketball shoes help you do that?

As we all know, every set of basketball shoes have their own unique advantages. But they also carry some disadvantages. Whichever suits you the best, that is the one you are usually wearing right? The sneaker business is basically constructed like that. Not all sneakers work for all people. I mean come on, we all know that. However, if you really want to improve a certain ability on the court then you also have to look at the “certain” sneaker or basketball shoes that actually help you do that.

What ability are we talking about? The vertical ability. Jumping. We are presenting you the best basketball shoes in the market for Jumping. Our list and guide will assist you to sort through the catalog of the best basketball shoes for jumping.


Since you are here as a basketball player or a guardian who’s dependent is involved with basketball, it is always beneficial to get the most appropriate basketball shoes in the market. If you are dealing with flat feet then obviously we would suggest you the best shoes and its qualities which can benefit you the most. Be specific to your issue or gift, in this case, “Flat Feet,” and the good news is, we have the perfect recommendations for you.

Do certain Basketball Shoes actually help you Jump Higher?

Absolutely! It won’t work if you are lazy that is, but yes, the answer is yes, it does help you to jump higher compared to other shoes. A lot has to be right in the sneakers. The sole, the pump, the cushioning, comfort, security, lacing; a combination of a lot of factors which unifies into a single word “explosion.” It basically means, it gives you more bounce. Any extra addition or assistance is key in the basketball world.

What should be the highlights in buying basketball shoes?

1. Constricted fit: It is very important for our shoes to fit properly if you want to get the best vertical jump results. If they are loose just by a bit even, it can be a nightmare for you. So make sure you have the best possible fitting. Picture it like you are on a roller coaster. You would definitely want the seat belt to be constricted and tight enough. Treat it the same when wearing the basketball shoes.Badly fitting shoes disturbs your momentum and stability during take off. It affects your overall jumping performance and results. You would not feel like you are getting the maximum explosion. So, again, do not be careless with this step, it is very crucial for you to have the right fitting shoes.

2. Great traction: If you slip then how can you possible expect to jump properly? Common sense right? Make sure the traction is crisp. You get maximum vertical with great traction shoes. The point here is to get maximum leaping ability. The platform (sneakers) are your source to do that. They are there to help you do exactly that! So, why go with the defects? Such as slippery shoes, less balance, less grip and what not. Go for the solid ones. Select the promising ones. Check out the traction and the grip. Read the reviews here. If they do have great traction you can be confident in a safe take off. Whatever you do, you would want a safe take off route. Good traction is key for that!

Air flow is equally important because you wouldn’t want sweaty feet and stinky basketball shoes. If there is room or technology for air passing, it is a huge bonus. Go for it!

3. Unbendable sole: You ever heard of “too much cushion can cause you to be stuck on the ground.” It basically means that a lot of cushioning can be a disadvantage in jumping. Lot of cushioning means lot of substance, which actually bothers your jump potential. Easy talk, avoid overly cushiony basketball shoes. They can be tricky because they can give you a lot of comfort, no doubt about that, however the extra cushioning absorbs a lot of energy which gives a negative effect on your leaping ability. It restrict you actually for reaching your maximum potential. It is like having pillows tied on your ankles. Yes, pillows are soft and it can be a comfort distraction but it will also restrict you from flying, or jumping. Too much credit right there huh? Not everyone is a Michael Jordan but we sure do pretend we are right? Well, some of us at least.

Another example would be a dead basketball. When the air pressure is low the basketball does not bounce as high as you want right? Same with the shoes with so much cushioning. It will keep you down, like it partnered with gravity to hold you down. Not a good situation right?

How are the Propulsion Labs shoes?

Well, first of all they promise you a lot of things like increasing your leaping by up to 7 centimeters or so. It is debatable really, on the success and the results. It varies from player to player. However, it is definitely going to help the players who are athletically sound. It is less likely to help once in awhile basketball YMCA players. It is more inclined on improvement for dedicated basketball athletes. They are more likely to see improvements.

Don’t forget the shoes that provide comfort and ease in Playing

Just because we recommended less cushioning above doesn’t actually mean avoiding it completely. Basketball shoes are not meant to be a burden on its owners. That is why you should always tend to select the lighter shoes. Lighter for you actually. The weight may vary from player to player. The basketball shoes you wear may be heavy for someone else. The best basketball shoes weight at about 10-11 ounces. Make sure they have enough cushioning but no too much and good ankle support. Imagine being able to jump higher but you do not have a secured landing technology. Obviously, from a manufacturer’s point of view, it is an incomplete product. As consumers, you have the right to receive both bonuses, jumping higher and also having a safer landing spot. It is reviews like this that shape the basketball shoes industry. So, yes, you are important, which also make us important. We write and you read, thus we are contributing to the basketball shoe economy. A good effect right?


So, there you go! We have provided you the top 10 basketball shoes that helps you jump higher. They not only help you jump higher but they also guarantee you safety in your landing and all movements. They have different prices and some are very affordable and others are well you have to spend an extra dime or so. So, we recommend you to choose wisely but you cannot go wrong completely because these are some wonderful choices you can select from.

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