Best Basketball Shoes 2017

  • July 12, 2016 /

Why do you need basketball shoes?

Why not just use regular running or tennis shoes? Well, why do football (soccer) players use football (soccer) shoes? If you do not want to get injured, basketball shoes are the only option. If you want to improve in the game of basketball, you definitely need basketball sneakers. There is no way around this. Why? Well, because basketball shoes are designed for you to perform and minimize the risk of disastrous injuries and it also helps you bring the best out of you on the court. If you are a B+ athlete with regular running sneakers, by switching to basketball kicks, you would become an A grade athlete. No Joke! That is the difference we are talking about here.

The ultimatum for high-quality basketball sneakers are enormous, almost affecting the demand-supply chain balance, which is why most performance kicks are expensive and obtainable in inadequate supply.

How to Select the Best Basketball Shoes

The precise basketball shoes for you is essential. You need to get the most out of your basketball camps, scrimmages, drills, and practice sessions. Do not be drowned in looks or style. There are a lot of people who give more attention on how stylish their shoes are, the design, or how cool it is. That is not the best way to approach basketball shoes. Remember, you need to select the shoes that brings the best out of you and also by keeping you safe and comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable in your own shoes then you should not be performing in them. There are some key factors to consider while you are shopping or buying basketball shoes.

So before you attend basketball summer camps, specific training at the YMCA, or regular pick-up games, make sure you have the right pair of basketball shoes.

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Types of Basketball Shoes

Understanding the types of basketball shoes out there in 2017 is basic. Things have changed a lot since the first Air Jordans. As time goes, technology gets innovative. Shoe engineers get inspired. Athletes who help design their shoes become ingenious. All of this have contributed to the categories of basketball sneakers we have today. Very inventive! So, knowing what those are and how it fits you and helps you bring out the best in you is always the top priority.

There are three different categories or types of basketball shoes: high-tops, mid-tops and low-tops. So which ones are the best? All of them are. You see, it actually depends on the player. Whichever top he feels comfortable in, is better for him. Simple as that.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

If you are considering safety please do not ignore the kicks that provides you the best ankle support in the market today. We are recommending you the Under Armor Clutchfit Drive series. There is no doubt that Under Armor has taken it to the next level in terms of style and support. Stretched, super-high ankle collar for unparalleled support. Under Armor also upgraded its technology for your foot, with a lightweight second skin for powerful support & implausible feel. Not to mention the polar cushioning midsole grips impact & converts it into receptive speed. Oh boy, 2017 is filled with excitement. 

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

These Jordans are mad! The Jumpman and Nike Swoosh will appear alongside one another, especially when you got wide feet, it will stretch it out more. One of the better looking Jordans that has been produced in the last 5 years for sure. The synthetic leather just all over the place gives an exterior comfort. Is there such a thing? A very “grippy” bottom, provides great life and traction. When we say traction, that is exactly what wide feet players need. The right amount of balance and swiftness helps players with wider feet to be more flexible and safe at the same time. The level of comfort  added  here  is  insanely  great.  Wide

 players  usually  are  the  victims  of  tightness, but not with the Air Jordan XXXl

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

By using a little bit of common sense, when you are looking for basketball shoes that are suited best for players with flat feet, the shoes at least has to be not narrow like the Under Armors or the LeBrons. Common guys! We are giving you the best of the best. The most realistic pair out in the market today. It is back, the old Kobe’s. They are called Adidas Performance Crazy 1s. The shaft measures approximately Ankle" from arch. Looking at the width of the shoe, you can instantly tell it will be a great  fit  for   flat   feet   players,   not   to   mention   wide  

feet players as well. It does not take away anything or isn’t really sacrificing much at all. Do not misunderstand these kicks. They have the Padded collar for added comfort. Adidas has given a lot of thought to this, by bringing this series back- with improvement. Give it a shot!

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

The ultimate standard basketball shoe has been a difficult one of select from. There are a lot of basketball sneakers that are under a hundred bucks. However, finding the pair that gives you everything, penny to penny is actually difficult. Not so difficult anymore though. Prices have fell, and there is no arguing that the Under Armor Curry 2.5s are the most efficient and economical shoe you can find in the market today. You get ready-made synthetic upper wraps closely around the foot for a lightweight, such a precise fit. Peripheral shank and heel counter deliver locked-in firmness over the heel. The arch of the shoe provides the  best  support and  also  eliminates slithering.

The Curry 2.5s tops our list of the best pair of basketball shoes you can get today without a doubt.

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Who runs the most on the court? The guards. Who runs through screens and are the cutters? The guards. So you see why they are in need of the best basketball shoes. Actually, all positions require the best product possible, however, guards do need comfortable and flexible shoes. A pair that enables them to do what they want and when they want. That is why Nike brought us the Kobe 9 EM. Perfect for Point guards and Shooting guards. State-of-the-art protection. These basketball sneakers are the best you can get. Yes, they are expensive but they are light weight, tight fit, with a smooth look, it  just is  an  incredible pair of

sneakers. The color are vibrant and go together remarkably.

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Is there really a shoe that can help you jump higher? Yes and No. It perhaps will not automatically give you the bounce without effort but it will give you the elements you need for the bounce. The best basketball shoes for jumping in the market today is the ones that is worn by Kevin Durant. Nike’s Zoom KD 9s gives you the best option. It provides you with a expressed ZOOM AIR cushioning. These shoes are probably one of the best when it comes in terms of “impact protection.” You need that extra cushioning or support when you go up. It gives you the best surety  with   its   Flyknit  construction - so  you   don’t 

have to worry about flying high. The upper part of the shoe is really mobile and the overall feel of it is really “bouncy.”

Best Basketball Shoes for Outdoor

Typically we will be looking for either the Drose 6s or the KD treys. However, that would be the common way to select your outdoor shoes. We are suggest the best of the best for the outdoors. None can come close to the Air Jordan 4 Retros. Some may say this was built for streetball and especially outdoor balling. First of all it comes with Rubber Sole. That is a great start right? Then they follow it with Air-Sole Heel with cushion. It keeps your feet relaxed and  as  comfortable   as   possible.  Yes,   these    kicks  are

expensive but they are really durable as long as you keep it out of water and wet grass. It has the longest life span compared to the other top outdoor shoes in the market today. Championship caliber, this by far might be the most perfect outdoor basketball shoes we have today. Credit to Nike & Air Jordan’s engineers.

Best Basketball Shoes of All Time in The World

Almost 30 years ago? Really? It has been that long since the Air Jordan III came out? And yes, these kicks are the greatest of all time, worn by the G.O.A.T Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan III was the first of 14 Air Jordans created by design architect Tinker Hatfield. Hatfield established the standard for all other Nike Jordans to come. The Air Jordan IIIs was the first Air Jordan to have enprinted the ‘Jumpman’ logo on the tongue of the shoe, and was also the first to  own a noticeable air component and  integrate

elephant print on the upper side. No doubt that this pair is an absolute classic. The leather, the fabric sole, the rubber outsole, all of these are just so precise and magnificently done. It is a shame that in these 30 years no other shoes have come close in terms of the ultimate standard that the Air Jordan III provides.

"The Key factors we suggest you to take a look at distinctively for your sneakers are:"

1. Fitting
2. Sturdiness
3. Value
4. Support


Best Basketball Shoes

This is the first one we are discussing because you cannot wear a pair of basketball shoes that doesn’t fit. However, fit or fitting does not just mean about size. Obviously size is a big factor.

You need to know your foot size in order to get the right pair. Make sure it is not too tight or too loose or big for you. If it is too tight you will feel uneasy and if you roll your ankle it will be more painful. If it is too big or too loose, it will be really easy to roll your ankle. The percentage of spraining your ankle will rise more with a pair that is too big for you. So, select the right size and the impeccable fit. That is the easy part actually. Keep trying numerous pairs until you get the right one. To save time, knowing your foot size in advance will help you tremendously.

However, as I was saying earlier, fit does not just mean about size. It also relates with contented. How comfortable you are in those shoes? That is also the “fit” I am talking about here. Sure, a lot of shoes may fit your size but are they comfortable and are you avoiding tightness in certain locations of the shoe and what about blisters? Being aware of the comfort levels is key.

Ditch the looks. I mean do not be focused too much on the looks. At least make it your 2nd or 3rd priority. Not your first. If your pair of ball shoes are uncomfortable, you will feel unhappy and wary. It perhaps will also be really unsafe for you to be playing and performing in those shoes. The game of basketball does apply a lot of stress on your feet, knees, and especially ankles. Keep that in mind!

So, what we recommend strongly to you is while shopping for basketball shoes, make sure you know your size. Pay attention if the particular pair is comfortable or not. Read the reviews, pros and cons on details that matter to you. If you focus on the comfy part more, make sure your pair gives you the fitting you truly need.


Or what others call it, “durability.” It is vital for you to know about a pair of basketball kicks lifespan. Lifespan as in, it’s durability, it’s sturdiness, or how long it will last on indoor or outdoor conditions. You have to be really attentive in this part because you do not want to invest your dollars or whichever currency on a pair of basketball shoes that won’t last a month.

Whether it is highschool practice, college practice, or pick-up games in the backyard or nearest courts, this kind of basketball is all year long. However, the highschool league, or NCAA leagues are usually four months long. Considering summer camps or practices during offseason, you should expect your shoes to at least last throughout the year. Although, companies that make basketball shoes are telling that they are manufacturing their product not for a yearly expiration mode. They usually are made to last only a few months. Yes, that is the production and manufacturing point of view – reality. We are used to extending the reality to a year or more obviously. However, the most realistic way of usage is to play your heart out with any pair of shoes. Invest on a pair of basketball shoes once every 6 months. That is what we recommend. This method will benefit you surely. It will keep you safe, satisfied, and you can get every inch of production from the kicks you purchased.

Basketball shoes that are used in gymnasiums only have a longer lifespan. Outdoor shoes tend to dissolve or fade quicker. It doesn’t really dissolve in that sense but you get the point right. Rain, dust, mud, puddles, and cracks are the real reason why the shoes that you use in outdoors will die out quicker than compared to indoor usage. Knowing the balance, keeping it clean and taking care of your baby all the time – with respect. That is why it is very important to find the durable pair, where you can actually respect and take care of. You wouldn’t care much for a piece of junk $20 pair of sneakers right?



Probably one of the most important factors of them all. The decision you make at a glance. The decision that is depended on finance. Yes, the price of the pair of basketball shoes you are interested in.

Like I have mentioned earlier above, the cheapest pairs are definitely not the best pairs in terms of quality, endurance, and durability, not to mention protection. What Dunkfeed recommends is that you should not look for the cheapest pairs just because they are cheap. This practice can be really dangerous for the player that would be wearing them. It is very risky and serious damage and injuries are only a clock tick away. Do not make the financial decision. Make the right decision. Always be willing to read the reviews, and making the sacrifice to perhaps spending a dollar more for the better product. This is good for the long run, we absolutely guarantee it.

Yes, it is true that there are some basketball kicks that are priced ridiculously. The reason for that is, is fashion. Style and status symbols are what players are really interested in these days. That is the biggest flaw that is lurking out there, in our opinion. The market has chosen this so the supplier will definitely look to fulfill these needs and demands. However, it is still always possible for you to get the right shoes with the right price. There are awesome pairs of basketball shoes out there, you just have to be picky and make the effort to search and research the products.


This is going to be the best advice. Do not purchase ankle braces. They are very dangerous. While they may prevent a sprain ankle, they are also enabling the risk of a serious knee injury. Ankle braces does not give you the freedom that your knee requires. Therefore, it is very common for ankle brace users to suffer knee injuries. Look at Derrick Rose for example.

Some people do suggest athletic taping. Yes, they can be very useful, but do you really have the time to tape your ankles before any basketball session? How much tape would you need?

The best way to protect your ankles is purchasing a pair of basketball shoes that are really specific in ankle protection. If you have weak ankles they are not your fault. Everybody is created or born differently. Some are taller and some are shorter. Some have strong ankles but others not so much. Do not worry about it. But, definitely shop for the best ankle supported shoes that are available in the market. Do not ignore this if you have weak ankles! Finding an appropriate balance between movement, stability, tractability, and support is key when searching for a pair of basketball shoes.

Impeccable Basketball Shoes find the Best Players

Basketball Shoes find the Best Players

Whenever you are planning to go to a basketball court, whether it is an indoor or outdoor court, make sure you do not forget to take your basketball shoes with you. More importantly, make sure you have the best basketball shoes for you. The tips that we have provided above should really be enough for you to make that vigilant pursuit during shopping for sneakers. We can say this confidently, if you follow the directions and pointers we mentioned earlier, you will definitely be able to find the best basketball shoes for yourself, friend, and family.

Best Basketball Shoes of ALL-TIME

According to ESPN, they have compiled a list of the best basketball shoes of all time. states the top 5 shoes are: Air Jordan XI (1995), Nike Airfoamposite 1 (1997), Air Jordan 1 (1985), Air Jordan III (1988), Nike Airforce 1 (1982). These are evidently listed in rank. As you can see Nike pretty much dominates the all-time list. The shoes with the best exterior and appearance dominated sales is a pursued commodity when determining if a sneaker is “good,” it’s vital for players to recognize why certain types of shoes are effective. Most of the best shoes mentioned above from ESPN’s list are not actually great in terms of ankle support, traction, and fit. Yet, they are the most popular shoes that has been sold up to this day. Do not determine your pair with the consensus acceptance and or popularity. Be different. Think of yourself first. What is good for you will eventually be good for the game!

Recognizing appropriate Playing Style

Recognizing an explicit playing style can be beneficial for players because that enables them to determine which kind of sneakers are the most suitable for them. We recommend high-tops for Big men or Post players, who usually works their routine in the paint, because of the volume of physical pounding they undergo. Working in the post is not as easy as you think. You get beat up pretty much every other day. You have to be really physical. And it is easier to lose balance when other bodies are banging with yours, therefore you need ankle stability more than ever. You need to understand, being a post requires you to do a lot of leaping and rebounding. It is tiring and requires a lot of stamina and balance at the same time.

A floor general, or typically the player that handles the ball, or what we traditionally call today – a point guard, are the best candidates for low-tops. They require low-tops because they frequently push the basketball up the floor, especially on fast breaks.

Finally, a small forward, or an all-around player, sometimes we can call them forwards who does a little bit of rebounding and ball handling, these kind of players would be most suited if they go with the mid-tops. Mid-tops offer great support. They are not too heavy or bulky, and has just the right kind of balance you need. Little bit of that and this. You know?

Traction / Grip

Do not be mistaken. Just by wearing the most expensive or the best basketball shoes in the market will make you the best player in town? Don’t ever assume that. Basketball sneakers are not a magical product. They do not perform miracles for you either. It is your talent level that rests on the shoes and the shoes directs them accordingly. The shoes are merely a driver of your car, but it is your car. You dictate where you go. Obviously, you would want the best driver around right? You do not want to die in the hands of a bad driver? See the analogy here? You do not want to risk your healthy and body with the imperfect basketball shoes. You would naturally want the ones that are the best for you.

A very significant point needs to be made here. There is another factor on how to tell which pair is a great pair. The sneakers that has proficient traction or grip on the soles will assist players by helping them gain better positioning, which a player benefits significantly on the defensive end. It’s vital to uphold traction on the court because the sport of basketball makes players move in all directions. Moreover, great traction can help athletes pivot more commendably in dribble-drive situations.