Best Wide feet Basketball Shoes – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

  • July 3, 2017 /

It may be quite difficult to find the best fitting shoe for a person with wide-feet. However, it is not impossible. There are shoes that favors players who have wide feet. Do not be discouraged, you must have searched hard and well you are at the right place. We will dedicate our efforts for you to find and select the best basketball shoes for you.

Basketball is a sport where a wide variety of shoes are necessary for the market. Players have different needs, various type of feet, and all kinds of necessities that must be fulfilled to experience the most out of each shoe. What we believe, finding the right basketball pair of sneakers for wide-feet players are actually not that difficult. If you have an idea and prior knowledge to what you are actually searching for, it complements the search. So, once you have found your pair, stop complaining of having wide feet. It is God’s gift for you. Well, at least be positive about it.

Top 10 Best Wide Feet Basketball Shoes 2017

As you scroll below you will see a list of the best ten basketball shoes for wide feet athletes. Although they are all different in cushioning, traction, and obviously design, we can assure you that they all have one thing in common. That is they are ‘wide feet’ priority type of shoes. They will not fail you. So check which one you like and whether or not it fits your budget. We are here to guide you on finding the best pair of basketball shoes for players with wide feet. If you or your friend fall under this category please scroll below.

Factors to consider when you are thinking of purchasing Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

We recommend you to be like an Asian shopper. Please do not think that is racist in any form, rather from a complimentary point of view is which I am implying. The reference I mean by “Asian” buyer is that they are very careful in purchasing a product. They usually read the reviews over and over again. They search the products details and discounts. Things like this is what makes you a sober shopper.

So what is the first factor you should consider doing? Well, what we recommend you to do is to read and check what material the particular shoe consists of. You can pretty much tell how the pair of basketball shoes will be, just by the quality or type of material.

Since, we are dealing with Wide Feet favoring shoes here, you would definitely want the pair to be flexible and the shoe must be able to touch the circumference of your foot. That will be beneficial, comfortable, and just a great feel for yourself, you will definitely notice that. It really is the best fitting really. However, if it is hard and tight you can conclude that the shoe is not for you. Stiffness and tightness will not do your wide feet any good. So, make sure these two factors are not the ones that you are feeling. Read the reviews warily, with attention and interest, then hopefully you will be able to figure out the material that is suitable for you.

So, who are the candidates for wide shoes?

Is this a trick question?

People that have wide feet definitely need wide basketball shoes. If the shoes are too narrow for your horizontal extensive feet, it may cause discomfort and in the immediate future it will cause exasperating niggles and other foot related injuries, uneasiness, and pain.

You are fortunate enough to be here on this website now because it does recommend you the basketball shoes that are ideal for players with wide-feet. We have only put the shoes that are necessary for wide-feet players on sync. The reviews of each pair of basketball shoes will definitely give you options and the best preparation before you make the acquisition.

Things to look for in a Wide-Foot Shoe

I will get straight to it. Check the mesh at the front of the shoe. The material compound right in front and above the toes. That is supposed to be flexible and toe(s) friendly, meaning, you are supposed to be able to stretch and move your foot within and especially your toes as well. Not completely but as much as it is necessary. The shoe will operate with you. For example, picture a pair of gloves. Your gloves will move and shape according to what your hands does. It will not be restricted. Obviously the shoes will not be as bendable as gloves but at least 40% closer. Do not ignore this. It is very necessary for players with wide feet to be able to have their shoes be flexible with their owners.

Also, pay attention to the underfoot support. This point cannot be ignored at all. If pictures are available online, just in case you are reading reviews or shopping online, check the sole underneath the shoe. This should be a hint, a quite obvious tell actually. It will be very unusual, compared to other shoes in the market. Wide feet shoes usually have a bizarre pattern and drawing underneath. That is to be favorable to the wide feet audience or customers. So, if you do spot an unusual pattern sense on the bottom sole you can be very sure that this pair is targeted for wide feet basketball shoes consumers.

Since you cannot try the pairs on when you are shopping online, we suggest you to go for a full search, study, and analyze the details and reviews we have on our website. Get the most out of the information you have. Then perhaps you will have a better understanding about the pair basketball shoes that you are wishing for, so you will not be surprised or way off when you actually try it on after purchase or in a store.

Who are in need of wide basketball shoes?

Trick question? Obviously players with wide feet would require wide shoes. Well, to be honest not only basketball players who have wide feet require wide shoes. The average citizen may also enjoy the benefits of wider shoes that are in the market. How? Well, wide shoes give more breathing room for your ankles and heel. It gives a wider platform for your feet to rest on. It may feel weird and uneasy at first, especially if you are an athlete who does not have wide feet, but for casual use, they are just fine.

Ever wonder why you have wide-feet?

As we grow older, our body changes. That is the very basic common knowledge that we all have, obviously. We also know that some changes are natural, unnatural, and or just unlucky. Yes, injuries and freak accidents fall under the category of ‘unlucky.’

While the perception of wide feet players are that of being “fat” or “obese” that may not just be a stereotype, however, it may also be the truth. More than 83% of all wide feet players who play basketball are overweight. Obese may be a harsh word but definitely they weigh more than the average person next door.

That does not mean all of the wide feet basketball players are overweight. Some people develop wide feet due to their genes, heredity, or a natural development outcome. They may be tall and slender but they have wide feet. Yes, these people also exist in the 20% range.

What benefits do basketball players with wide feet get by wearing wide basketball shoes?

If you are indeed an basketball player with wide feet, then you would need to know the pros and cons on wearing a pair that is favorable for wide feet athletes. Well, the main reason you would be getting a pair of sneakers in the first place is for the “pros.”

Weight is a crucial factor when it comes to shoes. How your weight transfers to your ankles and heels, and then how does your shoes balance and neutralize the pressure? These factors are key. It is well known that basketball shoes for wide feet are actually helping your ankles and heels from injuries and providing maximum comfort and security.

You are involved in competitive games within basketball, whichever level it may be. So, opting for the right pair of basketball shoes is the way to go. If you are a player with wide feet then it means you need to adapt to it and to your needs. Do not go simply by the trend of the market. Do what is best for you, and you only. Be safe and secured. Do not forget the joy in playing basketball healthy. We do not want discomfort during play or in the sidelines due to injury. We want to be safe and in control.

Constricted Shoe troubles

What we like to say – “Narrow Shoe issue”. Yes, people with wide feet usually are the first ones to complain and overall complain the most out of the bunch. Since, people with wide feet have wide feet; constricted basketball shoes will only worsen their situation. They might think the pain of tightness and what not is temporary and they may grow into it. They might forget the pain one day or their feet will adapt to the shoes. This is absolutely false. Instead of adapting, what you need to worry about is permanent damage. By playing through the pain will only cause you pain currently, but also develop long term issues that will be really hard to cure. Let us be smart here and not take that risk? Deal?

To Conclude

We have provided you the list of the best basketball shoes for wide feet above. Remember, these are our suggestions and or recommendations for you. Do not hesitate to email us or ask your friends or even ‘google’ more about the shoes that you have on mind at hand. The current basketball shoes market does not have an economic interest in providing maximum information for wide feet players. This was unusual for us as well, but we are trying our best to help and advice all ranges of basketball demands, especially when it comes to shoes. Hope you appreciate our efforts and we would be delighted to help you further. Again, feel free to ask anything on mind regarding basketball shoes for wide feet.