How to handle the basketball like a pro

  • August 25, 2016
Handle a Basketball
Handle a Basketball Like a Pro

In the game of basketball, the quality of being important and worthy of note is when you spot a player with excellent ball handling skills. His worth is established on the court and is well respected automatically. A lousy ball handler will get the attention with negative reaction. It is significant for a player whether amateur or intermediate, or even at the pros to establish great ball handling skills because it creates more opportunities offensively and defensively.

When your muscle and memory are in sync, the game becomes easy for you. You get to places you want to be in at will, you start passing better, you start seeing the court better, and most importantly you do not have to think too much about dribbling the ball. Everything happens automatically.

However, it is important to know that participating in pickup games, whether day or night games, regardless, it will not improve your ball handling. This is one aspect of the game of basketball which you do really need to work on. Without proper training, dedication, and commitment on dribbling + handling drills - you cannot become a legitimate ball handler. It is like if you were going to learn singing, you wouldn’t join a musical ensemble, instead you would practice your tones and rhythm at home. You would try to figure out if you have the voice of a soprano, alto, tenor, or bass. The same thing applies with ball handling. You have to do it at home or on your own. It is something you work on by yourself and on your own time. And then you test your skills against your buddy or in pickup games.

All you need is time. Few minutes a day will give you great satisfaction on the court, we guarantee it.

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