• September 14, 2017 /

It is a common trend these days where athelets are in their best shape during the summer offseason. Why wouldn’t they be? They have been working out everyday. However, it is a rare event where players gain inches in their overall “height” after entering the NBA.

What do we know so far?

To be noted, Brandon Ingram himself didn’t make this case; rather, it was Laker’s reporter Mike Trudell, on ESPN LA radio show. Trudell made a claim that according to him, Ingram has grown taller in the offseason. Trudell is quoted in saying:

“I think he’s at least 6’10”. He might be 6’11”. … I think he might be 6’11”, if not 7 feet,” Trudell said.

Ingram has not, however, been formally measured. It’s also possible the listed 6’9″ height sold him short.

According to Trudell, the 2016 No. 2 pick said he altered his shooting mechanics and improved his leg strength. Ingram made strides late last season and during the Las Vegas Summer League, and Trudell opined that the forward has since progressed.This is not all that surprising. Few months earlier we heard Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers also adding a couple inches to his already huge frame. Simmons is measured to be at 7ft right now.

Why do we say this is not surprising is because of the current age group of the NBA’s bright future. These kids are 18, 19, 21 year olds. They indeed have several years of growth left in them, even after college. We shouldn’t fall off out seats by reading a news like this. Nothing surprising, these athletes are already so tall, they are beyond average.

Is Brandon Ingram really 6’11” right now?

We had to verify Mike Trudell’s side of the story. Our insiders are not the typical insiders you know on the media these days, however, enough access with and around the players can be insightful for the news to reach viewers.

DunkFeed’s source: “Ingram’s length is very deceiving. He is just so long that to the naked eye he may look like a 7’4” man sitting down. You wouldn’t find a difference with Yao Ming, Manute Bol or someone of that height, with Ingram sitting down. Yes, now at standing height that is a different issue. Brandon Ingram is not 7’0”. However, since I do have a degree in Mathematics and I did have a great eye for measurements and geometry, as Ingram walked by the drinking machine and Kyle Kuzma and Larry Nance Jr. right behind him, I have to conclude the fact that Brandon Ingram is a legit 6’10” athlete. Sorry Trudell, he is not 6’11”. He is much longer than Kuzma, but only barely taller. Let’s not exaggerate facts here!”

Well, Ingram just turned 20 this month. Growing an inch is not surprising at all. But being closer to 7ft may be deceiving. We only want the truth out.


Regardless, this should not change the fact that Brandon Ingram is the “ACE” card for the Lakers. His development and improvement will only take the Los Angeles Lakers to the distance. He also has supposedly changed his shooting stance and form we believe, this would be something to look at during the start of the season. We may receive a preview of Brandon Ingram’s current game in a few weeks.


The NBA Pre-Season is right around the corner. Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram are the future of the Lakers. Any additional inches would always be beneficial.