Lonzo Ball should be in the G-League

Lonzo ball

The Los Angeles Lakers by far has been solid. They are 15 games into the season with a six win – nine loss record. A lot of NBA critics would call this overachieving, however, most would say “underachieving.” Why? Only because per schedule, they had played fewer top teams. The season only gets worse for…

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Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott & 2018 second-round pick. Now, how is this going to work? Even though this is a 1 year experiment. Carmelo will become a free agent next summer. Westbrook has yet to sign an extension and Paul George has his eyes…

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lakers ingram

It is a common trend these days where athelets are in their best shape during the summer offseason. Why wouldn’t they be? They have been working out everyday. However, it is a rare event where players gain inches in their overall “height” after entering the NBA. What do we know so far? To be noted,…

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Kyrie Irving took advice from Kobe Bryant?

Kyrie Irving Kobe Bryant

Yes. Sports journalist Jason Whitlock suggests that Kobe did indeed influence Kyrie to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. This theory or rumor so to believe is not really far fetched at all. It may be a reality. It may be true or might not be at all. But here are the facts! Kobe was in Kyrie’s ears…

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Will the Cavs repeat in 2017?


The Cavaliers are in the midst of their worst streak of games of the year, the defending champs have gone 5–5 in the past 10 games, losing to the Hawks twice, once against the Hawks bench players, and the other time squandering a 26 point lead in the fourth quarter, losing to the bulls, tied…

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Donald Trump Immigration affects & angers the NBA

Trump and NBA

A country’s leader is responsible for all citizens, regardless of race or religion. In a country of mostly immigrants, disputably legal residency status is not a good enough reason to abandon citizens. Trump’s anticipated policies go against the cultural criterions of the culture he is attempting to preserve. It is self-destructive for an “immigrant” nation…

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Demarcus Cousins

DEMARCUS COUSINS NBAThe NBA trade rumors seems to never rest. We are approaching almost the end of the first month of the 2016-2017 NBA season and still the rumors has been swirling all along since the summer. The same rumors and trade discussions that took place last season and in the summer of 16’ are…

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Summer Olympics: TEAM USA’s Cruise Ship delight

Countless spectators were waiting along the coast lines and got to see the cruise ship that was carrying the Team USA men’s basketball athletes. The ship was guarded by a police motorcade and it touched base. The 5-star ship, or one of the most luxurious cruise ships we would see on which they are staying…

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Nba Stars

NBA STARS ANNOUNCE STOPPING OF VIOLENCE ON ESPY’s Racial tension in America is at an all-time high, so the all-stars from the National Basketball Association addresses the world on the biggest sport-awarding-state on the violence that took place. Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade requested ABC to surprise the audience with the 4…

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Dwyane Wade to Chicago

dwyane wade

Probably the biggest news after Kevin Durant’s Warrior’s commitment, Dwayne Wade will be signing with the Chicago Bulls. This is very much a shocker considering Wade being one of the few loyal allstars in this league, leaving the Heat surely came as a surprise. The Miami Heat did offer wade a 2 year $40 million deal. However, throughout the weeks it…

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