The Best Basketball Shoes For Guards 2018

Best wide feet shoes

Our Recommended Basketball Shoes For Shooting and Point Guards

10. Air Jordan XXXI :

Everything this shoe presents are good. It does not cross the good though. If you are expecting this model to be a great shoe, it really is not. It did not change or improve much from its predecessor . The Traction is below average. The Cushioning is great but it is not parallel with the support. It is a good looking “Retro” shoe, but in performance it does not rise to the occasion. 

Although, one may assume this shoe is for guards specifically, however, forwards can also use them. They are used by a lot wide feet athletes. To summarize, Air Jordan went lazy on the technology of the XXXIs. If you do like retro shoes for the “show off” however, then , this is for you.

9. Adidas Harden Volume 1 :

This is a fact that is quite enticing. This model, Harden Vol 1s, were designed specifically to assist James Harden’s style of play. Think about that for a minute. So, if you are a guard who moves a lot around the court including driving in to the basketball and also use the “step back” quite frequently, look no further. The Harden Vol 1s are here for you to take your performance to the next level.

Adidas sure did come out with their best in several categories. Traction? Check. Materials? Check. Cusinioning? Check. Fitting? Check. And support? Check. Adidas took it to another level with this one. This deserves to be the go to shoe for Adidas. Although, in its first edition, it might take some time for Harden’s signature sneakers to hit the spotlight like the KDs or the LeBrons. Give it some time, but do not ignore it now. Get it while it is HOT and NEW!

8. Nike Kyrie 3 :

One of the most solid basketball shoes you can find in the market today. Not many “great” features, but just the right amount to give you a steady, well-balanced game. Usually, when we are playing outdoors we would be more focused on the ankle protection and traction, both of which fall under the safety category. The cushioning is not that great to be honest, but the traction makes up for it. 

This pair of basketball sneakers are mostly suited for outdoors. Guards can have a picnic with these, changing of pace and a good feel on the court. These are one of the advantages the shoes provide. If you think about it, just as how Kyrie Irving plays. He is really stuck on gravity it seems. He has more control with the ground and the ball. The Basketball Shoes got something to do with it? Perhaps?

7. Under Armour Curry 2.5 :

Steph Curry hasn’t had an ankle injury since 2013. You wonder why right? Under Armour has been doing a great job with the Curry models and also keeping their brand ambassador ready, healthy, and protected. Remember Kobe talking about “Ankle Insurance?” I found that hilarious actually, the wording of it. However, in this case the materias, cushioning, fit, and obviously the protection has been top notch. What we were excited about is its Traction. The Traction is the Curry 2.5’s feature, the best in the business. Not saying another word.

6. Nike Hypershift :

The Nike Hypershift is the new pair in town. Looks good. Got the swag. Up to date with the modern shoe outlook. Built for guards? Absolutely! It’s main focus is the economy. The budget is really the biggest attraction here. We believe they may increase the pricing once they have enough of a consumer base, however, as long as the materials are nice, safety is a component they do not ignore, and traction exists, then and only then does the pricing become more attractive. You have to feel like the sneakers are working for you.

The Hypershifts are surprisingly unique. Besides the cushioning all the other aspects and components are really up to par. That is why it makes us wonder, how do they get it done with such a low budget? Marketing tactic? You know, one of those Chrysler 300s? They do look like a Rolls Royce from a distance or the first glance. Yes, now guess who the Hypershifts are imitating?

5. Jordan CP3.X :

One of the best guards in this generation, Chris Paul, and we are not talking about the shoes he wears? Well, now we are so try to focus. The Jordan’s made the CP3.X edition an example for all guard oriented shoes, how a guard’s shoe should be like. Everything is good, but for some reason it doesn’t reach to greatness. 

The shape is fantastic, how a shoe should be. The support and fitting are right there. The cushioning aspect, for some reason is not too different from its predecessor. How Cp3 the player is great but not awesome. His signature shoes have that after taste as well. If you are a guard and are looking for the best “good” shoes in the market, CP3.Xs are for you for sure. You cannot go wrong with this but neither can it “WOW” you like the Primekit.

4. Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 10 :

Here we are with honest reviews. Yes, we try! However, not all reviews are worth reading if your decisions are already premediated. The Zoom Soldier models, especially the 10s by LeBron’s signature is probably the most overrated pair of basketball shoes. Then why is it on our top list? Because these are one of the top selling shoes, regardless of what we feel or think, so we had to include it here.

If you are reading now, we are not endorsing this pair at all. We would suggest a pair listed above this or below this review. Where are we at no.4? Yea, so as I was saying, the cushioning is not that great at all. Something about it leaves the shoes stinky. The sweat of your feet does not leave the cushion. Weird right? This also effects the energy and impact. With Nike you would expect the cushioning to be fantastic, but sorry to spoil this for you. Yep, so not recommending this!

3. Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit :

The adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit is an eccentric shoe! We might be a little bit biased here but we are in love with this pair of sneakers. From the style to the performance, you name it, it does not disappoint at all. If you are a basketball player who plays any guard position, having the Primeknits in your collection is a big must. You cannot go on playing basketball and never have worn this shoe? That is like saying you have always used a computer but you never touched a windows. Yes, that is how it is. This is a must get. Sometimes you can only explain its greatness by trying them on. It is almost like how a mother can never explain the pain of delivery but can only experience it. Well, that might have been a bad analogy used for basketball shoes but oh well. This shoe is the bomb!

2. Adidas Crazylight Boost Low :

The first thing you notice after wearing the pair is the lockdown. It is absolutely unbelievable, particularly in the heel. One thing to notice is the heel section. They cup the foot so seamlessly that you don’t even realize the sneakers are low top. It feels like a mid top.

When it comes to Adidas we always tend to check the support status and specs. For the Crazy light Boosts, the support starts with the boost itself. With careful study, we conclude that the Crazy lights got more “boost” than any other Adidas models. This especially benefits explosive guards. The support starts with the Boost, surprisingly enough, as there is more Boost here than in any other adidas model. A fantastic pair of sneakers to grab, no doubt. Why wouldn’t you want a pair that generates definitive impact safety and receptiveness without sacrificing any firmness? Time to dig into this one for sure!

1. Nike Zoom KD 9 :

Definitely one of the best fitting shoes in the industry, that too being a low top. It does not lack support. KD 9s holds your feet and ankles tight enough for you to have access to all the potential your feet has hidden. You will feel more mobility and you will also have a sense of added flexibility. Wonderful pair of basketball sneakers these KD 9s are. Yes Kevin Durant is not a guard, technically he is a small forward. But did you ever notice how he moves and where he lurks around? Yes, you can find Kevin Durant on the perimeter usually and cutting through screens with Golden State. He moves like a guard in a 7ft body. Now, wouldn’t his signature sneakers be the “pair to get” if you are a guard?


  1. Brandon Rogers on January 18, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Hi dunkfeed, I am 19 years old, a guard. Which shoes will be best for me Curry 2.5 or Permeknit?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Ian Smith on May 16, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    Hi Rogers,

    Thanks for asking.
    It depends on many things. Such as your foot type, playing style, etc.

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